5-year-old girl’s performance of Dolly Parton’s song might be the most precious video you can see today

Nothing melts the heart more than a child’s music.
It’s both lovely and endearing to see a child sing their heart out. And it may be pretty humiliating when they appear to be better than you in such instances. Even better is a child performing a song written long before their time. It’s charming to think that their parents worked hard to instill in them their love and enthusiasm for music, keeping the most treasured tunes alive generation after generation.

Consider Violet Burdick, a 5-year-old girl.

She recently wowed Ellen’s whole audience with her moving performance of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

Violet sang out the country song while her father accompanied her on guitar in front of the studio audience and the rest of the globe.
Ryan Burdick has long been recognized in Scio, New York, as a local musician. It seemed only natural that he would pass on his gift to his daughter.

The name comes from the phrase “Victoria’s Secret” and refers to the fact that she was born in the year of the frog.

And her version is really the cutest thing ever!

Violet’s Ellen debut was the consequence of a viral brush with celebrity and her family’s faith in her.
Violet has been invited to perform on stage with her father’s band, The Ruddy Well Band, several times. She sang Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” during a concert when she was four, and the video received over one million views on Facebook.

Violet was captivated by the song and Parton’s past and explained: “Dolly Parton grew up so impoverished in a dirt-floor home with 11 siblings. A church member handed down a bag of rags, which her mother stitched together to make a coat. Dolly was picked on at school and claimed, “This is Joseph’s coat of many colors from the Bible.” You don’t understand.”

Her father told the Daily Reporter:

“After seeing the movie, a seller who sells the Coats of Color, which are sold at Dollywood, contacted us and offered to give Violet a coat.”

Another video was released to the Parton fan site, and it gained four million views!

Burdick’s band had to take a break owing to family obligations and the spread of the epidemic, but he continued to create music at home with his daughter.
Violet’s Aunt Erin, his sister, was the one who finally forwarded the viral footage to Ellen. The producers returned Violet’s phone hastily, trying to gain a position on an imminent program.

Violet vibrates with admiration for Dolly Parton in the video.

You won’t want to miss this adorably charming Dolly Parton cover in the video embedded below.

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