5-year-old sings “My Way.” Judges can’t believe that voice is coming from such a small body

America’s Got Talent accepts auditions from people of all ages. People of many ages show up to demonstrate their abilities.

America’s Got Talent, unlike American Idol and other competition series, does not have an age limit.

If someone is skilled enough, they should go to the auditions and give it their all. They have a chance to compete, whether they are 5 or 85 years old.

Sophie Fatu, a 5-year-old girl, ended up on the America’s Got Talent stage in this manner.

As soon as Sophie stepped out, the judges fell in love with her. Heidi Klum began questioning the youngster, wondering if she had to fly for her audition.

Sophie confirmed that she did, adding that it was her first time flying. Sophie was likewise astounded by the size of the audience for her audition.

Despite the fact that Heidi was the judge who interacted with her, Sophie was quick to say that her favorite judge on America’s Got Talent is “Mr. Simon.”

She even attempted to be charming with Simon by telling him she had a dream about him. She saw him push his Golden Buzzer in her dream.

Unfortunately for Sophie, Simon has already utilized his buzzer opportunity this season. He clearly did not bust this five-year-bubble old’s and tell her that during her audition.

Sophie then started with a lovely performance of “My Way” by the late great Frank Sinatra.

If you’re searching for an extremely sweet yet childlike rendition of this song, this is it. That is precise as expected.

Sophie is adorable and sounds like she could be anyone’s child. She had the most enthusiasm when singing and managed to add her own touch to it.

Sophie’s favorite judge, Simon Cowell, got to speak first. He stated:

“Wow, Sophie, we weren’t anticipating that. You know what? I really like the music. Ordinarily, people in their 90s sing that song about their lives, and you sing it at five. You are really funny. ” I’d like you to date my son!”

Eric, Simon’s son, just broke up with the woman he was going to marry, and Simon wants to meet the two of them. Take advantage of the opportunity, Sophie!

The judges were so captivated by Sophie’s cuteness that all four of them voted “yes” to advance her to the next round!

America’s Got Talent and World of Dancing are both broadcast by NBC on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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