7-year-old boy swims a mile to help his father and little sister stuck in the strong currents of the nearby river, though “he felt really scared”

Chase Poust, our story’s child hero, has a younger sister, Abigail, whom he adores. The kids spend a lot of time outside with their father, Steven Poust, who never anticipated that his son would one day save him and his daughter from drowning.

On May 28, 2021, the family went fishing in the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida, as was their custom. Unaware of fate’s plans, the youngsters were eager to catch some fish and swim in the water.

While Steven was fishing from his anchored boat, his children plunged into the sea, hoping for the best. According to the law, Abigail, who was four years old at the time, was only required to wear a life jacket on the type of boat Steven possessed. Chase was not wearing a life jacket as he plunged into the sea.

The kids kept holding the boat in the river so they wouldn’t get too far away from their father. A huge current suddenly slammed the youngsters, causing Abigail to lose her grasp on the boat. Chase tried to catch the small girl when she began to float away and lost control of the boat.

Steven dropped his fishing pole and plunged into the water without hesitation to save his children. What he believed would be a fun-filled day turned out to be a nightmare.

While Chase was heading towards dry land, Steven lost sight of his daughter and was presumably terrified as he watched her drift away.

Steven understood he would need further assistance to save his children and himself after plunging into the sea. He instantly devised a method to safely return to shore.

“Because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, I told them both I loved them,” Steven said. Then he urged Chase to swim back to the beach and call for help. Chase remembered:

“I was quite afraid.”

While Chase was heading towards dry land, Steven lost sight of his daughter and was presumably terrified as he watched her drift away. Chase was the only one who could save Steven and Abigail.

Chase had started swimming a mile away from the coast. He admitted that swimming that way was difficult because the water was flowing in the opposite direction.

Chase arrived at the shore after an hour of trying to float on his back and doggy paddling. He dashed towards the first home he saw and started pounding anxiously.

Chase was then linked to authorities in Jacksonville when the occupants answered the door. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials and Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department first responders rushed to Steven and Abigail’s aid.

An hour later, the cops arrived and immediately dragged Steven and his daughter to safety. The father thought God intervened and assisted his son in covering the great distance on his own. Steven went on to say:

“Little guy… “We made it to shore and received assistance, which saved our lives.”
Steven subsequently reported that he and Abigail were in the river for almost two hours before being rescued by officials. He also said that he kept shouting for help so that the police could find them quickly.

Chase’s story instantly captured the public’s attention. At a press conference, a Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department official stated:

“We’re pleased to report that all three have recovered and are doing well.”
When asked how he managed to swim a mile and bring his family to safety, Chase said, “I have no idea.”

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