8-Year-Old Girl Seals a Message in a Bottle and Throws It Into the Ocean. Twenty-five Years Later, the Bottle Finds Its Way Back to Her…

In the year 1996, Joanna Buchan took part in a project at her elementary school when she was just eight years old. The students in the class had penned letters, which were subsequently put in soda bottles.

The students in the class tossed these bottles into the deep blue together off the coast of Peterhead, which is located in the county of Aberdeenshire in Scotland. As Joanna got older and ultimately became a doctor, she gradually forgot all about the school assignment she had to undertake.

However, his little Sprite bottle drifted over many decades and more than 600 kilometers before coming to rest in Gasvaer, Norway, in the possession of Elena Andreassen Haga. She had been foraging for fruit and searching for rubbish to gather while she was out.

The moment she took a look at the bottle, she saw the message tucked away within. She read the letter, and it amused her to read the childlike writing in which she spoke about teddy bears, building small creatures out of Blu-Tack, and how much she disliked guys.

She said, “I contacted Joanna by text message on the same day that we discovered the bottle, but I promptly forgot about the conversation after the trip. I was first confused about who she was; but, when I had emailed her a photo of the letter, the dialogue suddenly became more clearer to me.”

When Joanna read the things that her younger self had written about when she was eight years old, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

Edith was overjoyed to learn that the bottle had been located. And Edith felt a sense of fulfillment upon learning that Joanna had grown up to become a physician.

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