8 women from the same family all got married in the same $100 dress, branded the “Lucky” dress. Here’s how it looked back then and now…

Serena Stoneberg Lipari recently tied the knot on August 5, but she had already committed to wearing the outfit more than a decade ago.

At her wedding to Chris Lipari in Chicago, the bride-to-be, age 27, became the ninth woman in her family to wear a wedding dress that had been bought by her grandmother at a Marshall Field’s department shop in 1950 for the price of $100.

Stoneberg Lipari tells that she always knew she wanted to wear this dress in some part of the wedding. She recalls how she looked at photos of the gown when she was growing up and fell in love with it in person at a family wedding in 2013.

In point of fact, none of the eight brides who have worn it have ever ended up getting divorced. And every single one of the ladies, with the exception of the very first bride, Adele Larson Stoneberg, is still alive and there to celebrate the wedding of the most current bride.

Stoneberg Lipari reveals that “th roughout the whole weekend of my wedding, my family and I couldn’t stop remarking on how meaningful it is that the dress is still worn today.”

“It’s never pressed on us to wear it,” the newlywed adds, adding that she chose a different outfit for the evening reception she, “it’s always an option.”

In spite of the fact that the long-sleeved, button-up confection has had minor adjustments over the years — panels put in the back, strips of cloth sewed to the bottom — it continues to be kept in excellent shape in storage at a family house in Pittsburgh.

Stoneberg Lipari adds, “I have high hopes that one day my kid will be able to wear it.”

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