A 10-year-old girl is being hailed as a “hero” after helping her mother through the process of giving birth at home while she was on the phone with 911…

Viola Fair, who was 30 years old when she went into labor three weeks earlier than scheduled at home, had no one else except her daughter, who was 10 years old, to assist her during the process, and her daughter did an outstanding job.

On October 23, 2022, Fair was left with no alternative than to request assistance from her daughter, Miracle Moore, by dialing 911. Miracle managed to maintain her composure during the ordeal she was watching her mother go through and was able to communicate with the Central County Emergency 9-1-1 operator, Scott Stranghoener.

Stranghoener instructed the little girl on how to assist her mother in the interim while an emergency medical team was being summoned to their house in Jennings, Missouri, located in the state of Missouri.

The North County Fire & Rescue Department mentioned Miracle’s “sheer magnificence” in a post on its Facebook page, referring to the way in which she dealt with the predicament.

“During the labor and birth of her youngest sister, Jayla, Miracle was able to provide her mother some support and advice. When baby Jayla arrived, Miracle was there with a towel to wipe off her face and to help stimulate her to cry and keep her warm until paramedics arrived.

Miracle followed all of the instructions that were given to her over the phone, and when mom didn’t cooperate, she broke out into her own “mom voice!”

During the course of the phone conversation, Miracle gave her mother instructions in her “mom voice,” as Stranghoener had instructed her to do.

Aside from that, Miracle assisted in covering Fair with blankets and opened the front door in order to get the house ready for the arrival of the emergency personnel.

When the crucial time came, Miracle exclaimed, “I’ve got this!” “It’s not too long now! It’s not too long now! “while pleading with her mother to take a seat. “She has arrived! … Her head is in this direction, “Stranghoener was informed by her. “She’s out!” she said in exasperation.

After that, Stranghoener gave her instructions to wash the baby’s nose and mouth gently, wrap her in a clean, dry towel, and check that the umbilical chord was not wrapped around the baby’s neck.

“Take great care, and don’t let the baby fall, all right?” Stranghoener relayed the information to her over the phone. After Miracle had been on the phone for about 11 minutes, the medical team finally arrived at the scene shortly afterwards. Later, Stranghoener shared that Miracle performed an outstanding job. ”

Miracle was given a variety of rewards by the authorities, including the title of “local hero,” a special certificate, a personalized shirt, a pink stork pin (which emergency medical service providers typically receive after delivering a baby in the field), a tablet loaded with educational games, and a journal.

The new baby sister of Miracle, who has been given the name Jayla, was also given some presents, including some clothing and a Pack n Play.

Fair said that she was “thankful” for her oldest daughter and went on to say, “She was extremely helpful.” Miracle, on the other hand, is overjoyed to have the role of an older sibling.

“She has an adorable appearance. She doesn’t cry very often, so I get to cuddle with her quite a bit “Miracle stated.

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