A 13-year-old boy channels his autism to create an amazing photography project.

Anthony Schmidt, a resident of Woodinville, Washington, is an inspiration to many. At only 13 years old, this exceptional photographer focuses solely on capturing model vehicles to make them appear life-size.

Anthony has great focus and vision, as evidenced by the richly detailed images. His mother attributes his attention to detail to his autistic spectrum disorder.

Anthony has utilized his understanding of automobiles as a coping strategy since he was a child. They are his entire universe. Model cars cover his dresser drawers, numerous shelves, and even his window sill.

If his collection were not impressive enough, Anthony knows the names of every single vehicle at a glance. Anthony even used this skill to help identify a car for the police department.

But his talent shines through the most in his realistic recreations. His projects start with a visit to his workshop, where he hand paints details onto his model cars, making them look rusted or freshly waxed. Then, with just his mother’s iPhone, he creates these life-like scenes.

Anthony has continued to find success with his magical photographs, gaining just under 50k followers on Facebook alone. With his mother’s help, he even published a book.

This young photographer has become an inspiration for many people who have struggled with their own challenges. “It’s not despite the autism,” his mother said. “It’s because of it.

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