A 5-year-old musician warms hearts with his rendition of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”…

In addition to lead guitar, rhythm guitar (both electric and acoustic), drums, electric piano (Fender Rhodes), bass, three retro synthesizers, hand claps, and slide guitar, 5-year-old Miles Bonham performs lead vocals and four-part harmony vocals on the record.

This kid is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s impossible to predict what Miles will be like in fifteen years, but he’s already a star in our eyes.

His guitar abilities may be shown here. The riff sounds familiar, don’t you think so?

Miles chose to record the Beatles’ hit “Come Together” as a way of proving to the world that he is the real deal. He performed all of the instruments in a naturally, and then sang the whole song.
He’s not bad!

This is a five-year-old child singing and performing a song from 1969 by undoubtedly the world’s biggest, coolest, and best-selling band.

Enjoy his performances here:


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Despite his small size, this little boy continues to demonstrate to the world that he has what it takes to cover classics.
When he sings, he even includes all of his feelings in the performance!

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