A 7-year-old kid throws a prom for his babysitter, who was unable to attend her own because of the epidemic, saying that…

Rachel Chapman, 17 years old, is a babysitter for Curtis Rogers.

Curtis wanted to make her feel better after the pandemic prevented her from going to her prom, so he planned to throw her a private dinner and dance party instead. Rachel said, “I was very astonished,” in reference to the kind gesture.

Rachel is a senior at Sanderson High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, and in her free time, she works as a babysitter.

Rachel has been doing this job for the last several years. Since more than a year ago, she has been Curtis’s occasional babysitter.

Rachel takes the little kid to the playground, helps him with his schoolwork, and then takes him to piano lessons when she picks him up from school.

Elissa Rogers, Curtis’ mother, believes that Rachel is more than just a babysitter for her son. Elissa said that “he absolutely loves her” and that “she has become a part of our family.”

Because of the widespread epidemic, Rachel and the other seniors in her class were unable to participate in any of their senior activities. It was easy to see why Rachel was so upset.

In addition to that, she was unable to fulfill her babysitting responsibilities for Curtis for the next two months.

Curtis was briefed on the issue by Elissa, who also informed him that Rachel had to skip prom as a result of the dilemma.

“When we informed him that she wouldn’t be receiving a prom, he was like, ‘Well, we could have a tiny prom,'” Elissa recalled. Rachel’s mother and son put up her prom in their garden together as a surprise for her.

The first thing that Curtis did was make a placard for the prom proposal. After that, they began planning a meal consisting of three courses, selected the table decorations, and compiled the ideal music.

On the evening of the prom, Curtis looked dapper in a blue checkered suit, while Rachel arrived at the venue wearing a flowing pink dress.

Towards the beginning, Curtis gave Rachel a heartfelt speech, and in the end, they capped off the day with a joyful little dance together.

Rachel’s mood was considerably improved when Curtis invited her to the “prom,” despite the fact that she felt a bit down after putting on the outfit that she was meant to wear to the real event.

The little child said that Rachel is “the finest nanny ever,” which is what inspired him to arrange the prom for his classmates.

“I planned everything out because Rachel is one of the finest people I’ve ever met, and I’m sure she simply wanted to see me a lot,” he said further.

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