A 88 years old man makes a mistake and transfers $71,000 to a stranger, who then refuses to return it, while the money were supposed to pay off his vital need of…

When dealing with big numbers, you need to exercise extreme caution, and this is particularly important when doing business online.

An error occurred as 88-year-old Gordon Layton, who lives in Bundaberg, Queensland (USA), was sending a wire transfer to the company that was going to move his home to the property he owns.

Something went wrong during the transfer and, in reality, he sent a staggering $71,400 to a complete stranger instead of the needed company.

After getting over the first scare, everything might have been easily resolved, but the stranger refused to give up the significant quantity of money that had been sent to him.

Gordon Layton is a retired man of 88 years of age who, as a result of making a grave error, is in danger of losing all of his life savings.

In addition, the elderly man’s negligent act of sending money to the incorrect receiver resulted in the money being used to pay for the expenses of relocating his house.

Due to the terrible error that Gordon made, not only did he find himself in need of financial assistance, but the transportation business was also hot on his trail, demanding payment.

The fact that the stranger not only refused to participate but also withdrew the money obtained made it impossible for the implicated banks to take any action that would safeguard the senior customer’s interests.

The unidentified receiver, on the other hand, was charged of stealing and brought before a judge to answer for his acts. It is clear that Mr. Layton is concerned about the result of this story, as is his daughter.

If he does not pay the money that is owing to the transportation business, he might find himself without a place to live. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this elderly grandfather will figure things out quite quickly!

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