A 90-Year-Old Man Who Was Left Behind When He Was a Baby Is Reunited With His Long-Lost Family…

As a young boy growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1930s, Jim Scott often pondered the question of who his biological parents were. Even on his birth certificate, it wrote “unknown” in the area that listed his parents.

When he reached 90 years old earlier this year, he finally learned the truth about his biological parents and the rest of his family.

Marylin, Jim’s daughter, had the desire to grant the request of her father, who had, for a very long time, expressed the desire to learn more about the unexplained events that occurred in his past.

Therefore, one day she made the decision to take action about it. Marylin provides the following explanation: “I was like, ‘Okay, Dad. Let’s do it.’ I placed an order for DNA testing, and we began to work.”

After that, Marylin visited ancestry.com in order to find out more information about her father’s past. There, she discovered that when her father was only two weeks old, he was abandoned at the doorstep of a stranger, wrapped up and placed inside a box, and that he was given the names of the two policemen who found him.

In addition to that, she was successful in locating 45 of his biological relatives, such as his younger brother Felix and George, who is his biological nephew. According to a photograph of Jim’s biological father, there was an uncanny likeness between Jim and his biological father.

After learning that his older brother had been looking for him for a very long time, Felix wasted no time in making the trek from Pittsburgh to Jim’s home in Philadelphia.

Despite the fact that this was their first time meeting, the two brothers were able to get along famously and easily, as if they had always been close friends. “Are you aware that I’m his younger brother?

And we didn’t find out about it until the day I turned 86,” Felix remarks and makes light of the situation by joking, “So, Jim owes me 86 Christmas presents.” The ties that bind a family are never severed, regardless of how far we may go or how long it may have been since we last spoke with one another, and this tale is an outstanding illustration of how true that statement is.

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