A boy with autism constructs the world’s largest Titanic model out of 56,000 LEGO pieces…

Setting out on a journey to achieve your goals may be both exciting and scary at times.
We might get bogged down by the dread of failure and overwhelmed by the amount of effort that lies ahead of us when faced with the potential of doing something great.

Brynjar Karl Bigisson, as you may have guessed, is a ship enthusiast.
It’s no surprise that his favorite ship was the huge Titanic.

He had spent many hours studying this ship on the internet and was well-versed in all aspects of its functioning. After a while, he grew fascinated with the idea of creating his own Titanic. It is believed that Brynjar’s obsession stems in part from the fact that he has autism. 

For him, engaging with other children was more challenging than playing on his own, therefore he chose to play alone.   LEGOs helped him to remain focused on what he was doing while also providing him with an opportunity to express himself creatively and have fun.

In an interview Brynjar said that “LEGO has been an essential part of my life from a very young age.” My weak social and communication skills resulted in my spending much of my time alone, playing by myself, and as a result, LEGO bricks became my best companions. While constructing with LEGO, I was exercising and honing my imagination and creative abilities. I don’t recall feeling lonely since I was too preoccupied with anything else.”

But he wouldn’t be able to complete the task by himself.

He got the help of his grandfather and his mother.

“Obviously, I wasn’t going to be able to construct the 7-meter-long (26-foot-long) model by myself, and I needed to persuade some important people in my life to help me,” Brynjar said. I got the assistance of my grandpa, Lulli, in creating customized LEGO instructions based on the original Titanic designs. As a result of my mother’s support in creating a crowdfunding website, I was successfully able to gather the funds I need to purchase the LEGOs.”

Brynjar spent the next 11 months working on the replica, armed with all the dedication and support he need.

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