A boy with autism who is 11 years old has achieved a higher IQ score than both Einstein and Hawking…

Children are naturally intelligent beings, and in many instances, they are most likely more intelligent than the majority of adults.

But the British boy Kevin Sweeney, who is just 11 years old, may have beaten the odds and accomplished something that no other child his age could have done so effortlessly. Autism was identified as Kevin Sweeney’s condition soon after his birth.

Having children that fall somewhere on the autism spectrum may be a significant obstacle for some families, particularly those who are clueless about how to manage their way through the experience.

Autism spectrum disorder is a kind of developmental condition that is attributed to changes in the brain. People who have it generally have difficulties with social communication and engagement, as well as activities or hobbies that are confined or repetitive.

Although not much is known about Kevin’s actual condition, his parents have noted that he is exceptionally gifted after achieving a higher IQ score than famous scientists such as Albert Einstein and even Stephen Hawking.

Autism and giftedness are two characteristics that may coexist, it also has some of the same characteristics, such as intellectual excitability and variances in sensory experience.

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