A bridesmaid suddenly stopped the ceremony to ask the groom to be her…

During the course of a wedding ceremony, a young bridesmaid of 12 years old surprisingly asked the groom to become her father.

Because a wedding is one of the most significant days in a person’s life, the couple getting married must have put a lot of thought and effort into the preparations for the big day.

Therefore, it is likely that the attendees were taken aback when Ariana brought a halt to the proceedings in order to present her soon-to-be-father the adoption papers.

She said that she had been waiting 2,555 days for this opportunity, and then she got the guts to ask Frank, “Will you be my father?” Everyone in the room had tears in their eyes.

Frank gives off the impression of being a loving parent the moment he embraces her and tells her, “I love you.”

It is clear that they have a strong bond based on the way in which they enjoy the father-daughter dance.

Because he has made such a significant contribution to the young woman’s life, she is hoping that he will one day become her legal father.

We hope that this family will never be separated and that Ariana and Frank will have a long and happy relationship as father and daughter in the years to come.

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