A Chicken Provides an Entertaining Interaction for an Amazon Driver While Making a Delivery…

An Amazon delivery man has a humorous run-in with a resolute chicken that wants nothing more than to be let out into the fresh air. The whole event had been recorded by a surveillance camera from the beginning to the end.

The amusing occurrence took happened in Minooka, which is located in Illinois. At the same time that an Amazon driver pulled up to the property for a key-in-garage delivery, a chicken walked out of the garage in a nonchalant manner.

Fancy, the chicken who was kept as a pet, was adamant about escaping the confinement, so she went for a stroll outdoors to get some oxygen.

The guy is shown first welcoming the chicken as he opens the garage door. Later on, the man is seen being somewhat astonished by the tenacity of Fancy as his efforts to keep the chicken inside the garage fail in a humorous manner.

He tries numerous times to convince Fancy to remain inside, but the obstinate chicken just would not comply with his demands. Fancy continues to battle, and it’s obvious that she has the Amazon driver beat at this point.

At long last, the driver assumes one more posture, grabs fancy, and delivers a respectable throw to the chicken.

After moving the chicken a little distance inside, he then promptly closes the garage doors. Fancy was eventually unable to escape because the shades quickly closed behind her.

Despite the fact that all he had to do was deliver products, the Amazon driver maintained a really pleasant demeanor and checked to be that the chicken was secure inside. He might have avoided wasting time by not bothering himself with a chicken, but instead he was a patient and compassionate person.

Viewers have left kind and appreciative comments on the video footage of the humorous struggle that took place between the delivery guy and the chicken.

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