A couple in Sweden was just finishing lunch when they noticed a moose struggling to get out of the water. You will be shocked when you learn what happened next

A couple in Sweden had just finished their meal when they observed something weird across the cold lake.

“It appeared as if someone had thrown a giant boulder onto the ice, but through the binoculars, we could see that ‘the rock’ was actually a moose attempting to get out of the water,” the guy adds.

She couldn’t escape from her freezing trap since she was so terrified and fatigued. They hurriedly got on their ice skates, grabbed an axe and an ice pick, and skated over to the helpless animal.

Ornsköldsvik, Sweden, resident writes:

“The moose tried to flee as we approached, but she quickly settled down and lay sleeping with her head on the ice, her body shivering in the cold water.”My fiancée, Sigrid Sjösteen, instantly began chipping at the ice in an attempt to bring the animal ashore.

“At first, we believed it would be sufficient to perforate the ice so the moose could shatter it herself, but it was too fatigued at that time to even try.”

“In the end, we had to completely shatter the ice to construct a route all the way to shallower water, where she could reach the bottom and hoist herself out.”

“We took turns cutting, and because the ice was rather thin, we had to be careful not to fall into the water, lest we wind up taking a cold bath with a 300-kilo moose.”

“We were there for a little more than 30 minutes before she left.” We weren’t sure if she’d make it or not throughout those 30 minutes because she lay inactive for extended periods of time and occasionally didn’t even react when we tried to frighten her toward the route. Needless to say, it was a huge relief to see her back on dry soil and know she was going to make it.

In the video below, you can see the wonderful edited footage of their rescue.

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