A couple that had previously adopted four children from foster care is now welcoming quadruplets. which obliges them to…

After being married in May 2016, Maxine Young, age 30, and Jacob Young, age 32, decided they wanted to create a baby as soon as possible after they were married. Adopting children has always been one of Maxine’s goals.

And the more she discovered about foster care, the more it solidified her resolve to assist children who were in need of loving homes, even if it meant doing it on a temporary basis.

Maxine said, “Within a little over a month of beginning our training, we were given approval to become foster parents. We didn’t even have to wait a month before we received our first call about placement.”

In July of 2017, they got a call about a set of siblings who needed a home. The children were 4, 2, and 11 months old at the time. Because that was exactly what they had been looking for the whole time, they quickly gave their consent to take care of them.

While they were taking care of the three children, they received a second call in which they were asked if they would be prepared to take in the children’s newborn sister, Elliott, who had just just been born.

Maxine shared her thoughts by stating, “We said yes to their baby sister and it was one of the finest yeses of my life.”

The couple had been attempting to have a family for two years before they were ultimately successful in becoming pregnant with their son Henry by means of intrauterine insemination. Henry was born healthy and happy (IUI).

When Maxine found out she was pregnant with quadruplets, the Youngs already had a large family.

Given that they had to use in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to conceive Henry, this came as a total surprise to them.

When they found out that Maxine was going to have quadruplets, they contacted a physician in Phoenix who specialized in treating women who were carrying more than one child.

The Youngs made the trip to the state in advance of Maxine’s due date in order to guarantee that she would get the appropriate medical attention. Thank God, everything worked out perfectly.

In July of the year 2020, the couple welcomed Silas, Theo, Beck, and Cecilia into the world, bringing their total number of children to nine.

In December of 2019, the couple finalized the adoption of their four foster children: Aiden, age 8, Parker, age 5, Connor, age 4, and Elliot, age 3.

According to Maxine, the most difficult part of having such a big family is ensuring that each child receives the necessary amount of attention. Thankfully, the older children like spending time helping out with their younger siblings, which makes the task much simpler.

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