A delivery driver for Amazon saves three puppies from a burning house, when their owner…

On August 30, the driver saw smoke pouring out of a home, which was the moment when the incident occurred.

At the time of the incident, there were no humans present in the house; nevertheless, there were three Boston terrier dogs inside, and their lives were in risk as a result of the fire.

The Amazon driver quickly dialed the emergency number, and her prompt action helped save the lives of three pups as well as the residence.

The Columbia County Fire Rescue commended her for her help and posted a message on their Facebook page that said, “During a structure fire yesterday, 3 pups were rescued and revived from smoke inhalation.”

“We are grateful to the Amazon driver who saw the smoke and called 911. Because the homeowner was not around at the time, she was able to preserve both the house and the lives of the pups!”

It was verified that the dogs were all in good health when they were rescued.

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