A devoted dog hops aboard the ambulance so that she may accompany her owner to the hospital…

Anderson Bahi, a resident of Brazil, was returning home late one evening when he came upon a touching event involving a guy and his dog.

According to what he told, he was driving by when he saw an ambulance that had stopped on the other side of the road.

Soon, he found out that the guy had become unwell on the sidewalk as he was walking his dog. To our great relief, the first responders arrived at the scene in a short amount of time to assist him.

After the medical staff had placed him into the vehicle to transport him to a neighboring hospital, his loyal dog, who was wearing a cute little red blouse, leapt onto the back bumper of the car.

This made the dog appear cuter. It was very evident that she desired for them to allow her in as well.

Even though Bahi could only see the heartwarming scenario from a distance, he was certain of one thing: that the dog had a deep affection for her master.

He said that there is something quite remarkable about the bond that exists between this canine and her human companion. “A love that is steadfast.”

Luckily, everything turned out well, and the puppy and her master were reunited without having to hang around till the morning. A little over an hour later, he was let go without charge.

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