A dog manages to persuade her owner to take home her “twin,” and the two animals go on to become “best friends”…

Wouldn’t you be interested in conversing with another person if you came across someone who looked exactly like you?

When Bethany Coleman happened to be out walking her own dog at the same time that she encountered a dog that looked just like her own dog, she felt driven to save the fluffy doppelganger that she had seen.

When Bethany and Rogue first saw Beast, the two of them were on their way to the neighborhood farmer’s market.

Beast was with the Last Hope K9 Rescue group as they visited the market, although the animal rescue group performs adoption events at the farmers market on a regular basis, Bethany had never observed Beast there in the past.

When Bethany first spotted Beast, she had no intention of getting another pet, even though she immediately fell in love with him.

Even though she was already the proud owner of Rogue and two elderly cats, her boyfriend had hinted that he was interested in getting another dog.

Even though there is an old proverb that claims a dog is a man’s best friend, it is fair to say that this particular dog got along well with everyone, particularly her hairy double.

Bethany was taken aback by the turn of events, but this turn of events wasn’t even the most startling thing that happened that day, and, Rogue, who generally behaved timidly when she was around other dogs, began to play with Beast.

Because of the quick connection that formed between her two cairn terrier mixes, Bethany was unable to resist the urge to submit her adoption application right then and there at the market and Beast was invited into Bethany and Tyson’s house,

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