A driver lets a teenage subway worker on the bus with just 65 cents in hid pocket, but then, however, she shows up to his place of work…

One adolescent in Milwaukee, was going against the trend by holding down a legal employment until his bus driver pleasantly surprised him with something special.

Fareon King, who is 18 years old and works shifts at Subway, was forced to rely on public transportation in order to go to and from his job. However, he had just 65 cents on him when he suddenly realized that he did not have enough money to pay for the bus price.

Fareon was fortunate in that the bus driver understood that he was a diligent employee who was only trying to go to work, and as a result, she allowed him to ride the bus without having to pay the full cost.

Fareon’s dedication to his profession quickly left a positive impression on the bus driver, Shamika Anderson.

“Being a good person in a culture full of young people who believe it’s great to be a bad person, we appreciate you for your hard work and dedication,” Anderson told him.

Following their conversation on the bus, Shamika made the decision that she wanted to offer her support and gratitude to Fareon for being such a positive role model for the other children.

She phoned his boss to find out when he was working at the Subway shop he worked at because she had a surprise in store for him and she wanted to make sure he was there.

Fareon was surprised when Shamika came to his place of employment and handed him a bus ticket that was paid for in full for two weeks. She also presented him with a gift card so that he could stock up on refreshments for his long shifts at work.

Shamika added that she was being so giving and kind to this complete stranger because she believed that he was providing a fantastic example for the young people in his immediate environment.

“It humbled me that he tried to be different, that he tried to be a leader, and that he sought to create an honest life in a time when so many young people are committing crimes such as vehicle theft, robbery, and worse.”

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