A Fellow Student Was Made Fun Of Day After Day, Until A Seventh Grader Bought Him New Shoes…

One troublemaker was subdued when a good student purchased new shoes for another student who had been picked on.

It is crucial for Romeo Early to possess a sensitive nature. Because it caused him a great deal of distress to see other students making fun of Melvin Anderson for wearing shoes that were torn and worn out, and because he took the criticism very personally.

According to what Romello revealed, “I could see it was troubling him.

It just gave me a very awful pain in my gut to watch someone having to go through that, and to be picked on simply based on how they look,” he said. He was preoccupied with the events that had place at school, and he couldn’t shake them.

That night, he went home and told his mother what had happened at school while also bringing his heavy heart with him. Then he proceeded to do something that would blow your mind. He was able to get new footwear for Melvin after getting approval from his mother.

He said, “I had saved up part of my money, and so I requested my mom to take me to the shoe shop so that I could get new shoes for Melvin.”

The very following school day, Romeo showed up with a fresh new pair of shoes in his backpack, additionally, he was quite excited to show them to Melvin.

As soon as the dean of Romeo and Melvin’s school found out about it, he posted an update on Facebook to commemorate this momentous occasion. Bryant Brown Jr. stated, “My pupil Melo told me he was tired of other kids picking on Melvin about his shoes.

With his stipend, Melo was able to purchase some sneakers for Melvin. Being able to provide a hand to those in need is the reason I get up in the morning.”

It just so happens that Romeo also managed to win over the heart of his mother, “it’s not often that you see children give up their allowance to someone else and that let me know, Romello was protecting and trying to change the narrative for his friend Melvin,” said Anita James when she was asked about her son’s idea to give generously to a fellow student in his class.

“To be that enthusiastic at the age of 12, it truly says a lot about someone, but Romello is passionate in all facets of his life, including family and friends.”

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