A firefighter delivers the baby of a stranger, not expecting to become the girl’s father

You might be having a normal day when something happens that changes your life for good. Marc Hadden is well-versed in this subject.

Marc Hadden is a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, fireman. He also has two sons and is married to Beth Hadden. Marc and Beth wanted to have more than two children, but were warned that her previous pregnancies were too dangerous to have any more biological children.

“My wife was basically urged to wrap it up since any additional pregnancies might bring more issues for her and the possible baby,” Marc told Inside Edition.

Marc and Beth considered adoption but immediately realized that their firefighter and teacher incomes made it nearly impossible.
Marc and Beth trusted God with their destiny and went about their daily lives with their two lovely boys. That is, until Marc answered a phone call at work. He thought it would be a routine phone conversation, but it was the one that changed his and his family’s lives forever.

Marc went to an emergency call for a woman who was experiencing stomach pain.
When he came, it was evident that she was pregnant and in labor. The mother was not going to make it to the hospital, so Marc took the lead in delivering a baby for the first time. The baby grew up to be a lovely young girl.

“I was in charge of anything Gracie-related… “I assisted her in taking her first breath,” Marc told CBS News.

Marc and his partner rushed the mom and her newborn baby to the hospital. The woman claimed that Marc overheard a nurse say that the child required “urgent adoption” by a nurse. What was Marc’s reaction to this news?

“Put my name in the hat if this baby is placed up for adoption,” he joked.

The nurses told Marc that if he and his wife were serious about adopting, he should have a serious talk with the mother. Marc followed suit. Marc informed the new mom about his family and how they wished for more children but were unable to conceive anymore. He then proceeded to the nursery to photograph the newborn baby girl.

Marc forwarded the photos to his wife, who joked that he wanted to keep her. Fortunately, it would not remain a joke for long.

Marc and Beth would be able to bring their newly adopted baby daughter home just a few days later.
Gracie is Rebecca Grace Hadden.

After a few crazy days, it wasn’t surprising that the Hadden family wasn’t at all ready for a new baby. That’s when their community came to their aid. Friends, relatives, and coworkers arrived with all the baby items the Haddens would require, plus a little extra.

Marc joked that he couldn’t even open his front door all the way since his community’s baby goods were so plentiful!

Gracie was five years old when Inside Edition interviewed Marc. What were Gracie and her hero papa up to?

“Gracie’s had me wrapped around her little finger. “There’s no denying that,” Marc conceded.

Because of that one emergency call, the Haddens’ lives were all transformed in the most amazing way.

More on this beautiful adoption story may be seen in the video below!

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