A Firefighter Who Assisted In The Delivery Of A Newborn Is Going To Adopt The Baby…

There are certain emergency calls that end up reorienting the lives of the firemen who react to them , but the scenario that fireman Marc Hadden had to cope with was much different from the norm.

This time, when Hadden rescued the life of another person, it also altered the course of his own life. In the year 2011, Hadden was sent to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in response to a call reporting a lady who was suffering from excruciating stomach discomfort.

It turned out that the lady was about to give birth, and Hadden was the one who would end up becoming the parent of the kid. “That is a day that I will never, ever forget,” Hadden said, “it was a day when a lot of things came full circle.”

Unfortunately, the lady had already been in labor for an excessive amount of time, and there was insufficient time to get her to the hospital. The firemen were aware that the situation was quite serious.

They administered oxygen to her, connected her to some intravenous apparatus, and then placed her into the ambulance.

However, before the ambulance could depart, Hadden’s partner shouted out that the baby was already coming, so they were forced to deliver it while they were still in the ambulance.

The newborn required immediate medical attention, so the fireman brought the infant to a hospital in the area.

Hadden made a call to the hospital two days later to inquire on the condition of the child. Hadden was under the impression that the lady who gave birth to her kid was living on the streets, so he was not surprised when the hospital confirmed his suspicions.

The choice to place a child for adoption is not one that is made lightly by parents; yet, in this case, it seemed to be the most beneficial choice for the little girl.

It just so happened that Hadden and his wife were going through the process of attempting to have a family at the same time, so the fact that they were given the chance to adopt a baby felt like a sign from the universe.

Two days after Hadden found out about the adoption chance, he made the decision to adopt the infant, and he returned home shortly afterwards. Grace, also known by her nickname Gracie, turned out to be the answer to the prayers that Hadden had been saying.

There are a total of four people living in the Hadden household.

They both have a tremendous amount of love for their sister, and their sister feels the same way for her adopted brothers and sister. Hadden referred to the connection he had with Gracie as being “tighter than thieves” in his own words.

Little Gracie is aware of both her birth and the fact that she was adopted, and she tells everyone she meets that her adoptive father had her delivered in an ambulance.

Stories like this one demonstrate to us that even a single day has the potential to completely transform one’s life, and more significantly, they serve as a constant reminder that there are individuals who go about their daily lives doing good actions.

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