A Girl of 8 Years Old Who Has Down Syndrome and a Homeless Man Sing Together…

A video that has received more than one million views despite the fact that it just shows a non-verbal girl with Down syndrome singing with a guy who is homeless has literally won over the internet.

When Nevaeh Foster, then 8 years old, came face to face with a homeless guy, she was serving with her church at a feeding program for the needy at the time.

She was born with Down syndrome and has never spoken, but on that particular day, a miracle occurred when a homeless guy offered her some of his juice, and it set off something quite incredible between the two of them.

Even though he had nothing to give Naveah, the homeless man still gave her his drink and then asked her if she wanted to sing.

When he asked her if she wanted to sing, she immediately started singing along with him, which stunned her mother to see her daughter being friendly with a homeless man and singing.

This was all owing to an act of kindness that the guy showed to Naveah, which inspired her to put a smile on his face by singing for him. Her mother claims that the little girl has done it before, by bringing smiles to the cheeks of complete strangers.

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