A girl of 8 years old writes a heartfelt letter to her late father to heaven; unfortunately, the letter ends up in the hands of…

A little kid of eight years old had written a touching letter to her late father, but unfortunately the letter was misplaced in the mail. However, the postman who returned the letter to Sianna had just gone through a similar experience with the passing of his own father.

When the letter failed to turn up, the girl’s mother, Sarah Tully, quickly posted a plea for assistance on her daughter’s social media accounts, asking for assistance in locating the letter.

Tully, who was unaware of what her daughter had put in the message to the recipient, which said, “Just now, Sianna asked, “Where does Daddy live?”

Sianna, whose father went away when she was only four months old, became more interested in him despite the fact that she never got to see him. She would write him a letter on certain occasions such as his birthday, Father’s Day, and Christmas each year.

Tully made a plea for assistance in locating the letter after she was unsuccessful in finding it at a post box in the area.

In the meanwhile, Simon, who worked as a postman, made an accidental discovery of her lost letter, “I discovered a note written in a child’s handwriting that was dedicated to their father in Heaven, on Cloud 9. so i’m looking for the child’s parents because I want to ask them for permission to do a tiny favor for the kid”

Tully felt a deep sense of gratitude for Simon as well as the unconnected individuals who assisted her in locating the letter. “She was so little, and she’s only now beginning to comprehend what has happened. Because she was more sensitive this year, I suppose that is the reason why she would have found it to be the most difficult.’

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