A girl who unexpectedly lost her father attends a daddy-daughter dance with a star of the NFL, as he was asked to…

Twenty twenty one was a difficult year for Audrey Soape. The 11-year-old girl had a difficult time coping with the ache of loss after the unexpected passing of both her father and her grandpa in the month of March.

Holly Soape, the girl’s mother, saw that the Texas middle schooler might need something to cheer her up, so she conceived up an idea to help her daughter.

Holly reached out to the Philadelphia Eagles safety Anthony Harris through social media in the month of January, prior to the daddy-daughter dance that would be held at their church.

Holly asked Anthony Harris if he would be willing to be Audrey’s date to the event, knowing that was a difficult request, however, she was taken aback when the athlete replied that he would attend the event.

Harris, who is 30 years old, kept his word and appeared at the dance dressed to the nines, sporting a black suit.

Holly’s question was directed specifically at him because Audrey admired him as a football player. Harris explained his gesture of kindness by saying, “[I was] simply trying to be a human.”

At first, the NFL star wasn’t quite sure whether he would be able to make it to the event because of his hectic schedule.

But when the Eagles were removed from the playoffs in the first week by the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay, he was able to find enough time in his schedule to take Audrey to the dance.

It goes without saying that Audrey had the experience of a night in which she was treated like a princess, which is precisely what Harris had in mind.

Given Audrey’s understanding of how time-consuming an athlete’s schedule can be, she is immensely appreciative that Harris made time in his schedule to be with her. At one point during the daddy-daughter dance, Anthony Harris and Audrey Soape were seen.

Harris broke the ice by inquiring about Audrey’s day and engaging her in conversation about football, moreover, he took the time to talk to Audrey’s brother Jackson in addition to dancing with Audrey herself.

“It made me feel very pleased and feel special because he didn’t just come over just to go to the ‘Daddy-Daughter Dance’ with Audrey, but he came over to see me, too,” he added.

What about his skills on the dance floor? It turned out that Audrey gave her stamp of approval.

She laughed as she continued, “They were really excellent.”

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