A guy has been hailed as a hero after he chased after a robber who had stolen an elderly woman’s handbag while she was…

An Ohio man is being honored by his town for pursuing a burglar who stole an elderly woman’s handbag while she was shopping at a grocery store. The woman was 87 years old at the time of the theft.

A Citizen’s Award was given to Deshawn Pressley, 27, by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office in recognition of her efforts to track down the thief and ensure that the stolen pocketbook was returned to its rightful owner.

On December 5th, as Pat Goins was doing her Christmas shopping at the Kroger in Lemon Township, a guy took her pocketbook, which was attached to her shopping cart.

Pressley, who was shopping with his daughter, who was one year old, was in a separate aisle when he heard Goins’ calls for aid and quickly went into action. Goins was injured as a result of Pressley’s actions.

“I was startled when I heard her scream and cry.  And at that point, all I did was turn around and carry out the responsibilities that came with being a citizen.” At least fifteen additional customers gave chase to the shoplifter, but Pressley was able to outrun them all.

The guy gave after to him as he left the shop and followed him out to the parking lot, where he wrestled him to the ground and made a citizen’s arrest before he could get into a moving vehicle. He was arrested on charges of robbery and theft and given a cash bail of $55,000.

Pressley emerged from the ordeal with a few superficial scrapes on his arms, but he said that the experience was well worth the discomfort.

Because the two of them had already made plans to go out to dinner together, the award ceremony will not be the last time they see one other. Goins cannot wait to get to know Pressley’s kid and to start playing an active role in her life.

Pressley expressed gratitude for her assistance, stating, “I’m delighted that I helped her because she is a fantastic, gorgeous person and I really enjoy helping people, particularly older ladies.”

Pressley said that he pursued the suspect because of the way that his grandmother had taught him to behave in such situations. Because his mother had passed away while he was still little, his grandma raised him.

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