A guy has been honored as a hero. Here’s why

An Ohio man is being recognized by his community for catching the thief who stole an 87-year-old woman’s wallet while she was grocery shopping.

Deshawn Pressley, 27, received a Citizen’s Award from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office for following the criminal and ensuring the bag was returned to its true owner.

Pat Goins was shopping at Kroger in Lemon Township on December 5 when a guy took her handbag, which was attached to her shopping cart.

Pressley, who was in another aisle with his one-year-old daughter, heard Goins’ cries for help and acted immediately.

I heard her shouting and yelling… “It was a scream for help,” Pressley explained. “And I simply turned around and went about my civic duties.”

Before the experience, Pressley and Goins had a friendly conversation. They momentarily parted ways before Pressley heard the woman’s anguished plea, “My wallet!”

At least 15 additional shoppers were chasing the robber, but Pressley outran them all. Before he could approach a running car, the guy rushed him out of the store and into the parking lot, grappling him to the ground and making a citizen’s arrest.

Pressley prevented the robber from escaping, and the thief was captured by Butler County Sheriff’s Deputies and Trenton police officers. He was charged with robbery and theft and freed on a cash bail of $55,000.

“He was running and looking back, running and looking back, and I was like, ‘yep, I’m on your a-,” Pressley explained.

When the robber was apprehended, several consumers demanded that he apologize to Goins.

“They told him he owed me an apology. He apologized, he apologized, he apologized, “she continued.

The thief had made no attempt to hurt her and was only after the $60 in her handbag.

Pressley walked away from the incident with minor scrapes on his arms, but he claimed it was all worth it.

The award ceremony will not be the couple’s last meeting; they have already scheduled dinner date. Goins is excited to meet Pressley’s kid and become a part of her life.

“I’m thrilled I was able to help her because she’s a lovely, attractive person, and I love helping people, especially older women,” Pressley remarked. They require attention and protection in the same way as any other woman, regardless of age.

Pressley is no stranger to helping the elderly. When he was younger, he used to shovel snow for the elderly for free. He said that he wasn’t doing it for the money but because he cared.

Pressley added that he was interested in the suspect because of how his grandmother raised him. His mother died while he was a child, so he was raised by his grandmother. Pressley stated that she was the one who instilled excellent values in him.

“She has done a lot for me,” the Good Samaritan said.

Butler County Sheriff Deputy James Davenport, who attended to the purse snatching report, said Pressley was really brave since he didn’t know whether the robber had a weapon on him.

“He’s a hero there, especially at this time and in this place,” Davenport added. “He’s a hero for getting engaged in the way he did.”

“I’m pleased he got this award because he’s my idol,” Goins remarked of Pressley’s Citizen’s Award.

Davenport was also present at Pressley’s memorial service. His grandma passed away just after Thanksgiving, and as he stepped in, he hugged Goins.

He drove the grandmother home after questioning her and carried in her groceries.

“This really touched home.” “I was relieved that we were able to remove him from the streets,” he stated. “So it was my responsibility to make sure she got home safely.”

In the video below, you may discover more about Pressley’s brave act.

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