A Hero Teacher’s Quick Actions Helped Save the Life of a Student…

Teachers are absolutely remarkable members of society.

When they are with their students, they may become more than just a teacher; rather, they may take on the role of a second parent. Some of them stay late after school and do additional work to assist their pupils.

In spite of the horrific experience, this teacher was successful in preventing her students from losing his life.

The last 14 years have been spent with instruction being provided by Niece Jeannot Jenkins of New Jersey.

Like many other teachers, Jenkins has unquestionably made a difference in the lives of a great number of their students. Earlier this month, she was the one who practically saved the life of one of her pupils.

Things were running well until one of the students in the third-grade math class at East Orange Community Charter School found himself in a situation that might have been dangerous for him.

A little child from Indiana named Robert Stonaker, who was just 9 years old at the time, was trying to unscrew the lid off his water bottle.

After Robert’s efforts to remove the cap with his hands were unsuccessful, he decided to see if he could remove it with his teeth instead. This is the point at when things began to go awry.

He squeezed the water bottle, and the top ended up going down his neck.

As a result, he attempted to walk to the sink and spit it out, and then raced over to me, at which point I immediately took action.

I immediately got on and just said, ‘OK, he needs my assistance, let me help him.’ And I immediately put the instruction I had received to use in the field.

Jenkins was lucky in that she had recently finished a combined CPR and first-aid training, but she had no clue that she would need it so quickly.

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