A Homeless Man Willingly Gives His Coat to a Freezing Woman; Five Days Later, His Life Will Never Be the Same…

After missing their last train in January 2017, Charlotte Ellis and Taylor Walden were forced to wait for their next ride in the tough conditions of the Convent Garden Tube station in London. They turned around and heard a voice coming from behind them. Joey, a guy living on the streets, was the one responsible for this.

Ellis immediately took his coat, which caused Walden to give Ellis an odd look. He then gave them his coat. Then, the three of them sat down with Joey and started having a conversation. Ellis said, “There was just something about him that was so honest.”

She came to the conclusion that they needed to bring him back to their residence. She was also aware that “people were quick to judge” and that certain individuals may have a problem with the way she conducted herself.

Joey first rejected their offer; but, when Walden cautioned him, “If you don’t come with me, I’m not going to bring her home,” Joey eventually agreed to accompany Walden in order to retrieve his girlfriend.

They “immediately became the best of friends” after returning home, whereupon they drank and shared stories about their life with one another. “It was something that was simply meant to be, and I don’t know how to explain it,” she said, “I do not expect everyone to grasp it.”

Joey expressed his thanks to Walden by giving him his coat as a gesture of his appreciation; Ellis noted that in his opinion, “this present had such a deep importance behind it that it was greater than any gift you could ever get.”

When morning arrived, Ellis was worried about how to tell her mother that she’d brought a homeless guy home with her, but happily, after seeing Joey, her mother understood what had happened. Joey was granted an employment interview, and then recruited by the company after just five days.

Ellis concluded her post on Facebook with a powerful message that was intended for everyone, stating that “sometimes all someone needs is someone to give them a little bit of your time. Someone who can assist them in regaining their faith in the goodness of others.

I’m telling you this story for one reason and one reason only: I want you to take a few minutes out of your day to check in with someone and let them know that there are people in the world who care about them. Lend them some of your time, even if it’s only a few minutes. It does not cost anything at all.”

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