A Joyous Cover Of ‘So This Is Christmas’ Is Performed By Hauser…

The only way to adequately characterize HAUSER’s performance approach is as electrifying; it is a one-of-a-kind combination of cello pyrotechnics that combine beauty, grace, and genuine rock muscle.

HAUSER is the dynamic cellist performing all of it and taking the world by storm; after all, what other classically trained cellist can say that they have toured with Elton John?

Fueled by a repertoire base that is as wide and expansive as Lady Gaga is from Tchaikovsky or Shakira is from Shostakovich, HAUSER is the cellist who is taking the world by storm.

Because of his incredible skill, Hauser is surely contributing to the betterment of the world, and he is now performing on ‘So This Is Christmas’ as a cellist.

This is such a lovely song, and Hauser’s performance of it exudes such serenity while yet conveying a lot of emotion.

While he is playing the cello on this lovely Christmas tune, he is showing a range of emotions, and we like seeing him do so.

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