A kind-hearted Indian guy cooks one thousand eggs at once just to give to those…

This father and son team cooks meals in enormous amounts with the intention of donating them to shelters and other organizations that help the less fortunate.

They upload videos, in which the videos focus on Arumugam Gopinath as he cooks a variety of cuisines for the less fortunate people in his community.

The food that he decided to cook was scrambled eggs, and in all, he used a staggering one thousand eggs.

Although following the recipe is not too complicated, many Internet users were taken aback by the sheer quantity of components that were required.

The enormous quantity of eggs he used, together with onions, green chilies, and salt, resulted in the preparation of one of the biggest batches of eggs that anybody has ever seen being created.

People may get an idea of how massive of a meal will be produced by looking at the egg trays that have been spread out on the ground.

After they had completed creating the enormous egg dish, they went to work packaging the eggs in individual containers so that they could later give them out to those who were living on the streets.

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