A lesson on second chances: why a shopkeeper gave a job to the person who had stolen from him…

Travis Sueyoshi, age 33, was seen on surveillance footage stealing from a construction site in Waipahu, Hawaii.

Furthermore, this was not his first transgression while at that location. In addition, Sueyoshi had taken tools worth around $10,000 in between the two trips one month before to this one.

Travis said, “I just so happened to be experiencing some issues and  I ended up stealing some items.”

The perpetrator of the heist, John Paul Cates, the owner of TSW Fabrication, was understandably enraged by the act.

But when Travis arrived back at the building site three days later, things began to flip upside down. He returned there, not with the intent to steal again, but rather to express his regret for what he had done.

He expressed his regret by saying, “I felt wrong for what I done.”

Travis then expressed to John his desire to set things right once he had finished apologizing for his actions. “He told me, ‘I’ll work it off, I’m willing to try everything,'” John was able to recollect.

“During the course of the talk, the atmosphere shifted. While I was staring at him, I said, “No, I do not want you to work it off.” I’m going to make you my employee'”. John stayed true to his promise and carried out the action.

And Travis absolutely didn’t disappoint. Even though he lacked both a house and a vehicle, he never missed a day of work since he was recruited and always arrived at the job site promptly at seven in the morning.

However, it seems that he has been striving to acquire other talents, such as creating wooden shelves, in addition to fulfilling his obligations, which include keeping the room clean and orderly.

John feels hopeful about what lies ahead for his new employee, despite the troubled background the latter has had. Both John and Travis share the same dream that one day Travis will follow in John’s footsteps and start a career in the steel industry.

Travis shared his sentiments, saying, “For my future, a part of me hopes that I stay long with them, and that I become one of these guys on the roof.”

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