A little boy in Tennessee surprised a police officer with a meaningful note and a $1 bill to give as a “reward…”

An extraordinary act of charity that was performed for a police officer in Smyra, Tennessee over the weekend was documented on social media by that officer.

In the midst of directing a funeral procession in the pouring rain in Tennessee, Officer Zach Little of the Tennessee Police Department said that he was “wet to the bone” and “felt horrible for the family who lost two relatives in this funeral.”

A small child called Levi got out of the vehicle that his mother was driving and approached him as he was drying himself off. Levi had an envelope in his hand.

After expressing his gratitude to the officer for his work, he quickly made his way back to his mother’s vehicle. “I questioned his mother, asking, ‘What is this?’ “As they drove away, she [just] responded that it was an act of compassion and asked them to please be cautious,” Little wrote.

When he opened the package, he discovered one dollar and a note praising police officers for their service. The message began, “To me, you are the bravest men and women I ever know…,” and it thanked the policemen for their work.

The next portion of the letter said that the young man was a supporter of the Back the Blue campaign, and that he intended to cheer up the officer.

Little was appreciative of the letter, and he expressed his gratitude to both Levi and his mother by posting the following message on his Facebook wall: “Thank you, and thank you to his mum for teaching him to LOVE and not hate!”

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