A little boy of 11 years old has committed to “mow lawns and wash cars” in order to save his sick dog…

Lucas Fuller, boy who was 11 years old at the time, disseminated leaflets in his neighborhood advertising his availability as “help for hire.”

He said that he was able to cut grass, weed gardens, and wash automobiles. He said that it was for the purpose of helping to generate money for his “very ill dog,” and that he was “trying to assist pay for his meds and veterinarian treatment.”

Bear is now battling an illness that is known as blastomycosis and Bear has been experiencing weight loss and was recently sent to the emergency room for treatment.

A neighborhood resident came across Lucas’ leaflet and posted it on Facebook. Word quickly spread about Lucas’ objective, and dog lovers started reaching out to ask how they may assist the Bear and his family and got beyond their fundraising target of $2,000 by thousands of dollars.

Bear’s illness, according to what the Fullers wrote, is both unexpected and difficult: “the infection will take 6 months for the body to recover.”

Bear was able to have his first set of treatments planned as a direct consequence of the overwhelming support that he and his family have received. The Fullers are thankful and positive as a result of the support they have received via the monies raised on their GoFundMe page.

“You have well beyond everything that we could have ever dreamed for, and we are absolutely blessed by each and every one of you. Thank you so much!” Because Lucas is so steadfast in his commitment to doing all it takes to help rescue his closest buddy, Bear now has a chance to fight for his life.

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