A little child gains popularity for delivering a message to his late father in heaven…

Nico Lipary, who was only seven years old at the time, was eager to communicate with his father when he passed away and following that, this adorable youngster addressed God in prayer and just conversed with him.

It is difficult to go through life without a parent, and this is particularly true for extremely young people, though, there are occasions when life does not go according to plans.

In January, Nicco Lipary was involved in a motorbike accident that took the life of his father.

His older sister Jayda, who was trying to console her younger brother, was at a loss for words, however, this is not a problem since Nicco looks to be a little replica of his father, and he is far wiser than his years would indicate.

Nicco decided to gather his family for a discussion one day when he was feeling particularly homesick for his father.

Therefore, Jayda, their mother, as well as a number of their friends, sat down with Nicco.

According to his sister, Nicco gave everyone instructions to write down what they cherished most about their father and what they find themselves missing the most about him.

It was the same as if his father had been there with them “How are things in paradise, Dad? Is it a good thing? Is it bad? I beg you not to tell me how terrible it is.”

He continued by saying, “I pray that you have a close relationship with God. We adore you so much, Dad.”

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