A little girl delivers one of the most memorable wedding toasts, leaving everyone in tears after her speech…

This adorable little girl delivers one of the most heartfelt toasts to the bride and groom during their wedding.

She talks from the heart, and everyone in the room is moved to tears by her thoughtful and sincere comments.

She begins the toast by announcing to the crowd that she is experiencing some pre-taster jitters. After that, she continues her conversation in the form of a letter that she is composing.

“My sincere greetings, Gabby and Kevin. You two are inseparable, much like peanut butter and jelly. You are both wonderful on your own, but together, you constitute an even more formidable force .”

She then proceeds to explain to each of them why their relationship is so well suited to one another, “Gabby, you are so kind and lovely, and Kevin, you are the epitome of care and tenderness.”

Now, in the event that the preceding words have failed to pique your interest, maybe the concluding portion of her toast will. The things that she has to say contribute to the fact that this is one of the most memorable wedding toasts ever.

She then goes on to add, “I hope that when I’m older, I’ll find someone who looks at me with as much love and care as you gaze at Gabby, exactly as you do with her.”

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