A little girl saves her coins and brings them to school so that she may purchase milk for a fellow student whose mother…

When Jackie Oelfke’s granddaughter Sunshine Oelfke, age 5, was looking through her piggy bank one day after school, she questioned her about her future plans for the money and what she intended to buy with it.

The beautiful girl’s remark both crushed Jackie’s heart and softened it at the same time.

Jackie said, “She claimed she was taking it to school for milk,” which is what the phrase really means. She said, “But my friend’s mother doesn’t have milk money, and I have,” after stating that she had explained that she had already paid for her milk for the month.

Sunshine shared her thoughtfulness by elaborating, “I’m bringing milk money to school for my friend because she wants milk and I want her to receive milk as well.  Chocolate milk is a favorite beverage of both of us.”

Sunshine had been putting up her spare change and a few dollars with the intention of one day buying a snowmobile, but she had come to the conclusion that it was more important for her to be there for her friend.

Jackie claims that in order for her granddaughter to “get strong for snowmobiling,” she must eat milk on a daily basis.

The next day, Sunshine accompanied her grandma to school, and the adorable little child brought a number of plastic bags stuffed with money for her friend’s milk. Jackie informed the kindergarten teacher about the reason why she had brought the money she had brought with her.

Rita Hausher, who is Sunshine’s teacher said, “When they ask if they can have milk.” Mrs. Hauser’s life was profoundly altered as a result of Sunshine’s act of charity.

Jackie was inspired by Sunshine to launch a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the milk money of her classmates. The campaign’s goal is to raise $800 in order to pay for everyone’s milk for the rest of the semester.

She was taken aback by the generosity of individuals from all across the globe, which amounted to a total of $19,730. This will allow them to provide milk and food for any of Sunshine’s classmates who are in need even after she graduates from high school.

Her grandmother noted that while her granddaughter is unaware of the impact she has had on others, she is aware that she is capable of doing everything she puts her mind to.

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