A lone woman who previously fostered 16 kids says her attitude on fostering changed when she took in an adolescent girl by the name of Akyra…

Katie Holstein is a single lady who has decided that she was tired of waiting for “Mr. Right” and made the decision to establish a family of her own thus she began the process of fostering 16 children over the course of the previous three years.

Katie first submitted her application to become a foster parent in 2017, and her application was accepted in September of the same year.

On the very same day, she was tasked with taking care of two little children, one who was one year old and the other who was two years old.

She says: “I was sick of sitting around waiting for Mr. Right to come along so that I could fulfill my dream of becoming a mother, so i had the idea that I would foster for a number of years, assist in reuniting some families, and perhaps one day be able to answer “yes” to forever.”

Katie claims that the first adoption she was involved in was “terrifying,” but over the course of the following several years, she ended up fostering a total of 16 children. But her attitude on fostering changed when she took in an adolescent girl by the name of Akyra and cared for her as her foster child.

In her words: “On March 9, 2019, my favorite social worker gave me a call with very important news, ‘I know you don’t do adolescents, but I have this girl, she is wonderful, however the foster family that she is now living with needs a break. How about simply for the two days of the weekend?'”

Katie was nervous since she had never been trusted with the supervision of a teenager before, but right away she and Akyra developed a strong connection with one another.

Katie came to the conclusion that fostering was not sufficient, and that it was time to adopt both Akyra and Thomas, a younger child who she was also fostering at the time.

Katie says: “There are children in your community right now who who are in need of are in need of a safe place to land, and those children aren’t going to care if you’re on a budget, have a small house, aren’t married, or are still trying to figure out this whole parenting thing.

I make this promise to you – they need families that are eager to help, not ones who are flawless.”


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