A Man Is Astounded By The Items That His Wife Brings on Their Vacation With Them…

When it comes to packing, every single one of us may be placed into one of two categories.

You are either the type of packer who begins filling their case a week in advance, has a list written, has accounted for all of the different weather possibilities, has a spare outfit in their hand luggage, and has neatly folded each item so that there are no creases or crinkles in them.

Or, you can be the sort of traveler who doesn’t start packing their suitcase until an hour before they have to leave for the airport, and when they get there, they can hardly remember their passport and often forget their toothbrush.

However, there is one lady who has completely everything under control when it comes to the packing process and, because of this, she has become a phenomenon on TikTok for bringing up topics that other people may never think about, but which ‘simply make sense.’

TikToker Thomas Clifford has utilized the site to provide a glimpse into the lives of his family, including showcasing some of the amazing traveling hacks that his wife has come up with.

In one of the posts, many products are enumerated, including a foldable laundry basket, an outside hanger, an extension cable for Europe, and a speaker for the shower.

“Separate beach towels and pool towels to prevent sand from getting near the pool,” says one piece of advice, while another piece of advice suggests having “insulated bed pockets” to hide valuables in.

The first post has received more than one million views, and additional users of TikTok have flooded the comments section to express their approval of the trip hacks.

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