A man posts a warning on Facebook when he realizes that drinking iced water during the heatwave has left him looking like…

Even though we have all heard that you shouldn’t drink a lot of water (or anything, for that matter) while you are outside in the sun, Adam Schaub didn’t imagine that only [two] bottles of water could cause him to fall face-first to the ground with his body in complete “turmoil.”

“PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – The advice that you shouldn’t drink water that is really cold when it’s hot is something that most of us have heard, but many of us haven’t been told why this is or had the opportunity to try it for ourselves.

Because cold water is beneficial, one could ask how it could ever be harmful and yesterday, I was finally able to find out. When we were working outside in temperatures of one hundred degrees, which was not a good idea in and of itself, my father observed that my face was becoming rather red and advised that I take a break. I didn’t waste any time and got a cool bottle of water to drink right away.

Afterwards he finished doing some more work, he advised that I go in the vehicle and crank up the air conditioning. While I was in the truck, I drank some more ice water (another bottle), and very quickly after that, I began to feel funny.

I started seeing visions of spots, my stomach became exceedingly queasy, and the tips of my fingers and toes began to tingle. I had the distinct sensation that I was about to vomit up, so I opened the door to the vehicle.

The next thing I remember, my father was turning me over and wiping off my face after I had fallen face first on the ground. According to [him], my eyes had rolled back a little bit, and it took me a few minutes before I came to.

When Emt showed there, he inquired about what was going on. Immediately, the guy became aware of what had taken place. If you are overheated and drink a bottle of cold water, it is possible that your body may go into disturbance.

This is because cold water is a surprise to the body. It extracts the warm blood and transports it to the stomach because it feels the stomach is losing its temperature and becoming hypothermic. You run the risk of passing out.

He recommended taking little sips of cold water throughout the day and If you need to rehydrate rapidly, drinking water that is at room temperature is the best option. I just wanted to share this in case it may help someone else from making the same mistake I did.

Edit: This is just a disclaimer to let you know that I’m not a doctor, so please don’t use my personal experience or what I’ve been taught as a justification to avoid talking to your own doctor. Do not rely on my own experience as a basis for your decisions. “

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