A man shells out $400 for veterinary care, only to find out that his dog was imitating him out of compassion. Here’s how he fount that out…

This Lurcher, who hails from the United Kingdom, would easily take first place in any competition to determine which dog is the finest “con-artist.”

After a video of the nine-year-old dog hobbling beside his owner Russell Jones went viral on the internet, he earned the hearts of millions of people all over the globe.

After fracturing his ankle, Russell can be seen in the video footage walking with the assistance of crutches while wearing a plaster cast on his right foot.

According to a post on Facebook, he paid over $410 in veterinary bills and had X-rays to figure out why Billy was suddenly limping, only to discover that the dog was limping out of pity!

“It cost me $300 in veterinary costs and X-rays, but there was nothing wrong with her other than pity. “Love him,” the 53-year-old said as the caption for his image on Instagram.

After fracturing his ankle while working as a window cleaner, Russell, who runs his own cleaning company, wore the plaster cast for a total of seven weeks. During that time, he was unable to walk without assistance.

When they went for a stroll, the normally bouncy Billy started limping, and this caused him to become concerned. He took him to the veterinarian and spent perhaps in the neighborhood of $300 for the consultation.

The cost included two separate visits, X-rays of the paws and legs, and pain medication, however, the physicians were unable to determine what was wrong with Billy; hence, they advised the family to return home and that there was nothing further they could do.

When Russell and his wife, Michelle Colgate, who is 47 years old, arrived home, that is when they found the filthy little truth that Billy had been keeping from them. In their backyard, Michelle and Billy ended up playing together.

As soon as Russell was no longer in his line of sight, the dog started running around and jumping all over their property. His limp vanished as though by some miracle!

“Listen, I believe he’s trying to take the mickey out of you. Michelle said to her husband, “He’s following you around to see how you move.”

Russell made up his mind to put that hypothesis to the test by driving Billy about on his father’s motorized scooter. And what they had suspected turned out to be true: the dog only hobbled while he was walking beside him.

Russell came to have a deeper appreciation for the love of his closest buddy as a result of an event that was both amusing and sweet.

“Billy is my eternal companion. “He never stops looking at me, and he is really mushy,” was what he had to say about him.

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