A man travels almost 3,000 miles (6,000 kilometers) to be with the woman he loves, but she does not show up for their appointment and then…

Daniel Barrera, a young man took the opportunity to go on a voyage in pursuit of the person he believed to be the love of his life.

A young guy from Tenerife had an online relationship with a woman he called his “soul mate” who lived in the United States. This relationship lasted for three years (Orlando, Miami, to be precise).

When Daniel concluded that he couldn’t wait any longer, he packed his belongings, made travel arrangements, and boarded a plane to see the lady who was 3,700 miles (6,000 kilometers) away.

After arriving at the airport, he was waiting for his girlfriend to arrive when he received a severe surprise notice, which left him in a state of tremendous astonishment.

As soon as he realized that she wasn’t going to show there, all of the joy and pleasure that he had been feeling about finally getting to meet the love of his life fled.

When Daniel attempted to get in touch with the lady in order to inquire about what had occurred, he immediately discovered that she had blocked him in addition to ignoring his messages and not replying to him.

He was unable to communicate with her over any of the available platforms.

After just a few hours, the video he uploaded in social platforms was seen by thousands of people all around the world, and viewers immediately began sending the young guy words of support and encouragement.

The young guy made the decision to react to some of the remarks that were made after the video was uploaded as well as the many questions that were made requesting further information about this incident.

The young guy said, “This lady played with my mental health while causing me to lose thousands of euros and three years of my life.” In spite of this, he never lost his upbeat attitude, saying things like, “Well, at least I got to go to Disney World, I saw a crocodile, and I did some shopping.”

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