A man who dresses as a dog and uses a bespoke costume that is worth £12,000 claims that his friends have no idea…

One Japanese guy called Toco has had a lifelong desire of releasing his canine alter ego, and the internet is rocked up by it.

The lifelike aspect of this clothing is just mind-boggling, despite the fact that that sum of money right there is enough to make your eyes swim – £12,000 .

Toco shared the following: “Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always had the desire to be an animal and i believe it stems from a need for self-improvement. “I’ve given it a lot of consideration.”

On the other hand, the YouTuber has been quoted as saying that he does not “want my interests to be known, particularly by the people I work with.”

“They find it strange that I desire to live the life of a dog.”

“My fave is quadrupedal animals, particularly adorable ones. Among them, I believed that it would be beneficial to have a large animal that was near to me, especially given that it would be a realistic model, so I chose to build it a dog.”

“By fulfilling such a need, I was able to create a collie, which is my favorite breed of dog.”

“The notion is that the skeleton of a dog may be duplicated on the skeleton of a person,” said a representative from the company which was responsible for creating the outfit.

People are taken aback by Toco’s getup, which has been captured on video and spread widely throughout the internet.

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