A man’s lovely act of kindness toward a freezing, stray puppy was recorded on security camera footage

On a chilly day in Turkey recently, security camera footage recorded a man’s lovely gesture of generosity toward a freezing stray puppy. A resident of Giresun was watching the video from the camera when they spotted a man approaching a dog lying on the pavement with snow falling around him.

The man then did something unexpected. He removed the jacket from his back and fed the dog.

Needless to say, social media quickly picked up on the stranger’s kindness, and the man was quickly identified as Bülent Kalpakcolu, a city worker in Giresun.

“It would have eaten at my conscience if I hadn’t given my jacket,” Kalpakçolu told The Dodo. “They are outside in the cold while we are sitting comfortably at home.”

Kalpakçolu’s conduct drew the attention of his employer, and he earned a certificate from the city’s mayor for his great service and humanitarian act.

“With this deed, he taught mankind a lesson,” the mayor stated as he presented Kalpakçolu with the honor. “Animals are our companions.” “We love people; we love our city, and we love all living creatures that are a part of who we are and who our city is.”

In the video below, you can see the emotional original security camera footage:

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