A military widow who is raising her six children on her alone breaks down in tears when strangers show up at her door to…

Even if life has its challenges, giving up is not an option, particularly for those who provide care for others. Ella Setzler, a lady who was 72 years old and lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, was aware of this.

She was the primary caretaker for six children, all of whom were her great-grandchildren.

Setzler took care of them by cooking for them, cleaning up after them, and ensuring that they had some degree of security in their lives so that they might go on to have productive lives.

However, it is a significant amount of labor for anybody, and particularly a septuagenarian.

On top of that, Setzler is a military widow, and regrettably, her own salary was not sufficient to take care of all of the expenditures that came with having six children on her alone.

Setzler’s house had a water leak, and the repair work for it would set her back an additional $900 on top of her regular expenses for rent, her vehicle, her utilities, and daycare.

Despite her best efforts, she was unable to keep up with the rising expenditures of providing for her kids since she did not have the financial resources necessary. After then, Setzler’s closest friend, Alice, became involved in the situation.

Alice would assist her buddy whenever she was in a position to, but things had gotten out of hand, so she contacted the local news agency and requested for their assistance. She shared with them her anguish, saying, “She’s suffering and I’m hurting because I can’t help her.”

When the Surprise Squad visited Setzler at her home in 2018, only a few days before Christmas, she was overcome with emotion and instantly started crying. Setzler was presented with a multitude of presents by the Surprise Squad, all of which were intended to assist her and her family in regaining their footing.

The crew then revealed that they had a few surprises in store for Setzler and her family and made the announcement.

First, the organization made the decision to address the water problem in the home at no cost. In addition to that, the team came in and revamped the interior design of the home.

In the beginning, not only did they conduct an extensive cleaning, but they also brought in new pieces of furniture and set up a tree for the holiday season.

After that, they piled gifts beneath the tree for all of Ella’s children and delivered $500 gift cards to each of Ella’s children individually.

Because the team is aware of the significance of taking care of oneself, they indulged Setzler by taking her to the spa and making sure that she felt spoiled. While the crew was working on the property, a limousine arrived and took her away while they continued their job.

But what is the most precious present of all? United Nissan was responsible for paying the rent for a whole year. Setzler was so overtaken with feeling that she cried tears of joy.

But despite all of the thoughtful presents, Setzler has instilled in her offspring the value that cannot be placed on acquiring worldly possessions. “It’s not about the gifts at all. It’s all about how much you love your family.”

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