A Miraculous Story About a 8 Boy Who Prayed From the Roof During a Flood Is Inspiring Thousands of People…

Madden Sanders is a little child who will be eight years old this year. And as a result of the floods that pounded Waverly, Tennessee, where he lives, he and his mother were split apart, which placed both of their lives in danger.

He relates his story as he has stitches placed in each of his brows.

An Incredible Account of a Young Boy’s Escape from a Flood Madden revealed in Waverly that he had notified his mother that the waters were coming, and that she urged him to go recover his stuff.

The mother continues by describing how the house started to lift off of its foundation and be carried away by the water shortly thereafter.

Quick thinking on the part of Madden’s mother resulted in the acquisition of a floating toy for him to play with. They were carried away by the stream, and Madden scored two hits on the home.

According to Madden’s mother, it was the very last time she saw her son, and all she heard from him after that was him calling out, “Mommy!”

After Madden’s mother was forced to evacuate Waverly a mile away because of the rising water, Madden located a shed and hid there for the next four hours. Madden pleaded with God, “Please don’t let me perish, I want to live,” as he was about to pass out.

They had been looking for Madden for a total of four hours before they eventually found him.

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