A mother of 98 years old relocates to a nursing facility to be closer to her 80 years old son, so that she can…

There is no deeper tie than the one existing between a mother and her kid. This remarkable woman, Ada Keating, who is 98 years old, has made the decision to look for her ill son Tom, who is 80 years old, and to reside with him at a care facility in Liverpool.

Before he retired, Tom was employed at HE Building Services in the capacity of a painter and decorator. Prior to moving in with his mother and becoming a resident at the Moss View care facility because of his advanced age and increased need for assistance, he had been living with his mother.

Ada arrived to see Tom at the nursing home not long after he checked into the facility.

Philip Daniels, who is the manager of the care home, said that it was extremely moving to watch Ada and Tom’s strong bond and that they are delighted for the two of them to remain there.

“It’s really unusual to have moms and their children together in the same care facility, and we definitely want to make their time together as memorable as possible,” said Daniels. Philip Daniels was quoted as saying that the two cannot be separated.

Ada said that she always wished Tom a good night in his room and that she would also visit him in the morning to wish him a good morning.

Tom shared with us that he appreciates his mother being able to look after him when she is with him at the nursing home since she is so excellent at it. Tom also has two older sisters named Margi and Barbara, and both of them pay frequent visits to the nursing home.

It seems that not only the employees at the care home express appreciation for their connection, but even internet users are taken in amazement by the deep link that exists between this kind mother and her devoted son.

Tom is very blessed to have his loving mother by his side as they enter their senior years. Ada is ecstatic that she is able to look after her baby on her own. After all, as Ada stated, “You never stop being a mom.”



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