A mother of five finds out that she has been missing for 40 years…

A lady who had five children was taken aback when she learned that she was the identical baby who had been reported missing for more than four decades.

She was Holly when she was a newborn, a kid who had been taken from her parents many years ago, and she has only just learned her real name.

It has been forty years since a group women brought her to a church with the intention of placing for adoption there. She was the youngster who went missing after her parents were found passed in their home.

Holly, on the other hand, had a joyful childhood, grew up, got married, and is now the proud mother of five children.

Her grandmother, Donna Casanata, prayed to God for more than forty years for the girl to be found.

On the same day that her son was born, Donna received a phone call that completely blew her mind since she found out that her missing baby, Holly, had been located and was still alive.

She referred to it as a “birthday gift from heaven” in her statement.

She continued by saying, “I asked for answers for over 40 years, and the Lord has revealed part of it to me”.

There has been a lot of conjecture surrounding this case, and there are still issues that the family has for which they are searching for answers, but they are overjoyed to have found baby Holly.

This story should serve as a reminder to all of us to never give up hope.


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